ETF Managed Portfolios

SCRM has been actively managing global ETF portfolios since 2004. These portfolios are modelled after endowment funds which are characterized by well diversified portfolios that use uncorrelated asset classes to manage risk. We believe that this type of investing leads to more consistent performance over time. All seven SRCM ETF portfolios are globally allocated and contain a mix of equities, commodities, real estate, and fixed income.

Wealth Management

While backed by the power and recources of Fidelity Investiments. Saddle River Capital Management is on the leading edge in investment management with ETF portfolios, in comprehensive retirement plan development, in college planning using 5 star American Funds College America 529, in comprehensive estate planning, and in a wide range of wealth management products and techniques.

SRCM in the News

• Richard Wolfe will be speaking at the Innovations in Factor Based Indexing for Financial Advisors forum sponsored by S&P Capital IQ. The panel will be discussing ETFs and ETF Strategies in Retirement Plans.

• Five of Saddle River Capital Management’s ETF Managed Portfolios have been listed in the Morningstar ETF Managed Portfolios Landscape Report for the time period ending December 31, 2012. All the portfolios have been ranked in the top of their respective categories based on three year return.

• SRCM was ranked amoung the top 500 RIA firms by FA Magazine in their Top RIA survey 2011.